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Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs), and the Metaverse Provide Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Today’s Business Practices and Customer Experience

Building Web3 Applications

Product Consultant

We transform business processes to utilize Web3 technology to its fullest. Our expertise in utilizing blockchain, machine learning, and IoT tooling have allowed us to work with Flow, a world-leading blockchain technology.

  • ​NFT Marketplace Development
  • ​NFT Development
  • ​Smart Contract Development and Audit
  • ​Support and Maintenance Metaverse Development


Offering various WEB3 service to grow

Product Services

We have several services that support our product consulting and offering business. These services will allow you to choose the service that best fits your company's needs.

  • ​Smart Reward NFTs
  • ​Metaverse
  • ​Blockchain

After identifying opportunities within your organization or working with your team Technology Playground has the expertise and experience to support the implementation of your project. Our services include predevelopment planning, project management, marketing, and community building.

Building Web3 Applications

Product Offering

Millions of dollars are spent worldwide to build out the infrastructure required by Web3 developers. Technology Playground helps organizations realize their visions by creating niche applications and white-labeled solutions. Below are two standalone products created by Technology Playground:

  • ​Craft Block Fan-Builder- Provide NFTs representing craft spirit distiller brands that allow customers to interact with a distiller or brewer to develop more immersive relationships. The goal is to turn customers into brand ambassadors.
  • ​Volunteer Application - Fundraising is one of the keyways schools fund team activities. It is the lifeblood of any K-12 school system. A fundraising application on the blockchain provides schools and other athletic programs with an exciting way for organizations to raise funding via NFT fundraising (Coming Soon).

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After years of working in small and large businesses, the team at Technology Playground understands how hard it is to manage and share the information required for effective business and customer interactions. We believe that Web3’s structure, procedures, and visibility will identify and eliminate business data lost in data silos or held hostage by 3rd party middlemen.

It's easy as 1, 2, (nope no 3)

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