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Technology Playground helps startups and large enterprises build and deploy next-generation technologies

  • Development and Audit: Smart contracts give NFTs and blockchain networks the capability to be used in finance, legal contracts, supply chains, and loyalty programs to name a few applications. We provide development and auditing to build seamless user experience with their own smart contracts.

  • ​NFT Marketplace: White-labeled NFT marketplaces allow businesses to create a community around the branded NFTs customers have in their collections. Within the marketplace, a customer can trade, purchase, buy and sell their NFTs.
  • ​Blockchain Support: Technology Playground opted to use the Flow Blockchain because of its low environmental impact and the safeguards in place to protect businesses and consumers. We participate in the Discord community and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to ensure the safety of our customers.

  • ​Metaverse Deployment: Major brands are investing in the metaverse or have plans to do so shortly. Technology Playground moves 2D websites into a more immersive 3D environment where customers can talk to customers and salespeople can talk to customers, in real-time.

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