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  • ​Smart Reward NFT: Smart Reward NFT enhances a loyalty program with blockchain technology. Customers can use points in any participating business, and the loyalty points never disappear. Smart Reward NFT allows businesses to create more ways to engage customers, such as treasure hunts or Monopoly. Smart Reward NFT will increase customer participation and help reduce loyalty program costs for your business.

  • ​Blockchain: Technology Playground can develop blockchain projects for businesses. We focus on developing projects that leverage the blockchain to deliver a full-stack experience from connecting your frontend to the blockchain.

  • ​Metaverse: Meta Page is the first step a business can take into the Metaverse. A Mata Page is a digital representation of your website in the Metaverse. Your business can be displayed as a virtual representation of the actual building. A website’s information is set in a 3D environment. Companies can put any operational activities such as purchasing or customer service in the Metaverse. Trails on Metaverse is a digital representation of wildly popular wine, beer, and spirit trails. Tourist agencies and other organizations can use digital representations of the businesses on the trail to add excitement to these events. Participants can collect Craft Block NFTs of the sites they visit. Companies on the trail can use the Craft Block NFTs year-round for giveaways.

Technology will be a part of your team providing the software development you need to exceed on any project.

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